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A woman wardrobe is not complete without a handbag. Handbag is a short term for handled medium to large bag. A bag is called clutch if it is short and requires only one hand to carry it. It is called a tote if it has two handles and is larger in size. What you often use for travel and sports activities is called duffle bag. The one worn across the body is called messenger bag. However, if it is small, you call it sling bag. Nowadays, the newest addition to the family of handheld bags are the laptop bags. Though most women are easily fascinated by designer bags, you should choose a handbag that is proportionate to your body contour. Choose a bag that is not too small nor too big for your height. Your bag accentuates the part of your body that it touches. If you carry a bag that is up your torso, it emphasizes the upper part of your body, particularly the chest. If you swing your bag to your hips, on-lookers will stare at your hips. Choose a handbag according to your lifestyle, not depending on the color of clothing that you have most in your closet. If your activities are too demanding that you require less clutter and fully functional divisions in a bag, choose a handbag that does not have lots of secret locks, zippers, and buttons. Take note also of the weight of your handbag. Ideally, you should carry a kilo of necessities, not more than two kilos of clutter. A busy lifestyle requires a bag that is comfortable to carry and at the same time always secure. Aside from traditional synthetic leather bags, you can also try woven bags that are more eco-friendly like African handbags. They are durable, stretchable, and resistant to saltwater. Most African handbags are made of sisal, a plant that grows abundantly in Tanzania and Kenya. These parts in Africa are known for exporting sisal African handbags due to their perfect climate for drying and having high end decorticators. Lastly, choose a handbag that is expressive of your personality. Like a good pair of shoes that take you to important places, it is always fun to carry a valuable part of yourself in any occasion. Choose a long lasting bag like African handbags.

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When it comes to children’s fancy dress parties it can be difficult to think of something to do. One possibility to consider would be to have a theme that you can work it around. Taking it a step further, you could even get some of the children to help you research your particular idea. There are all manner of things that a party can be based upon. You could set it around a particular film that is popular amongst children. That in itself would give you a huge variety of possibilities to choose from. It could be based around Harry Potter for instance. The kids that are invited would thoroughly enjoy dressing up as wizards from Hogwarts. Perhaps you could organize a Star Wars party with your guests dressed in the costumes of their favorite characters from the films. Or perhaps you could try something altogether different. While choosing a kids costume, remember two things in mind; child’s desires and your budget. Most of the children want to dress up as doctors, pirates, nurses, fireman, policemen, astronauts, animals etc. Choose a costume for your kid which the child likes and also fits in your budget.Find out whether you want to buy or rent the costume. If you’re talented you can stitch your costume. You can find different costume patterns from a fabric store or online. If you’re creative you can make a beautiful costume from basic stuff like t-shirt and other items.Child safety should be given utmost importance while buying a costume. If the costume requires a mask, see to it that the kid can see clearly through the eyeholes of the mask and it is not too tight. See to it that your shoes are properly tied and fitted so that your child does not fall. Children love to dress up like everyday heroes and the police are prime candidates for this role. However, most kids police costumes only come with the basics for the costume and require that you purchase a few more accessories to make the costume complete. For example, you will probably need to purchase shoes or shoe covers to go with the costume as well as hand cuffs a night stick, a fake gun (of course), and if you want to get really clever, you can purchase a radio walkie talkie set and report ‘crimes in progress’ from time to time so your child can respond in their radio.No matter what you choose to do, from sexy cop to realistic police costume for kids, you are sure to find a lot of great places online to find the right costume for yourself (or your child) in nearly any price range that you can possibly imagine For years, children attending Halloween parties or trick-or-treating events are usually seen wearing costumes from famous Justice League characters and other characters from different comics and movies. In fact, they have become so common that every year, people would see a child wearing a Batman’s suit or Superman’s trunks. Though these costumes are highly attractive, they have become so common that people generally do not pay attention to them anymore, especially if there are other more interesting costumes that are presently available. With the kids Indian costumes, every child is sure to experience the overwhelming affection and attention showered by different people from the neighbourhood. With all the cute paintings and markings that can be found in the child’s face, no one will be able to resist the cuddliness of the child. A great way of finding inspiration is to have a look at just what is available online. There are plenty of fancy dress companies on the internet that have a huge selection of 70s costumes to choose from. Do remember to ask the opinion of some of your young guests though as not all children are comfortable dressing up as hippies… Read more about Baby Kost Karneval and also about babykost